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Basement finishing gives your family space to grow or room to spread out. You can reclaim unused space or replace outdated “rumpus room” designs. We can build a room or rooms that match the style and comfort of any other part of your house.

Your project is no less significant than making a home addition – it is a job for a builder with our skills and the network of trades people to do it right. Yet there is a major difference between adding-on to a house and basement finishing. It costs on average 1/5th of the price of an addition. This is an exceptionally affordable way to add living space to a home.

If you have a lot of space, you can have many or all of those features and more. You may choose to work with your own designer or architect. Some people worry that they will be sacrificing storage space to gain living space. Our solution is to design and build storage that is more efficient and space saving.

“Downstairs” is a blank canvas. Schedule a no-obligation consultation at your home. We want to know how you like to relax; play and entertain guests.

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  • Do you envision an entertainment room and home theater?
  • Is your goal an additional bedroom or guest room?
  • Do you imagine a bath and shower?
  • Would a kitchenette add to your guest and family gatherings?
  • How about a spa or sauna as part of your basement finishing?
  • Do you plan an office for home or business use?
  • Are you thinking about workout space?
  • Would you like a laundry room?
The biggest trend in basement finishing is the home theatre or entertainment room. With the video screen and other components in custom cabinetry, you get a refined, completed look –not sectioned-off space. Our master carpenters will create cabinetry and shelving for audio and video purposes, and to add storage space for games, DVDs, and perhaps a built-in mini-refrigerator and a wine rack. We can’t wait to show you examples of the custom made, truly beautiful work they can bring to your basement finishing project. Of course our carpenters will be handling your project beginning with the framing and layout, so you can count on stability and permanence in your new room(s).

A basement is an outstanding place to add a bedroom. Because you are generally designing from empty space, you get to have closets where you want them and as much bedroom storage as you choose. Most people add a bathroom to the bedroom. The room can be personal space for a teenager, or offer privacy to guests. As with any project, basement finishing makes the bedroom complete, not carved out.

Many people consider adding a bathroom to be essential and even a “no-brainer”. So much of a home’s plumbing is readily accessible in a basement. Older homes may have only one bathroom and so putting one into the plans solves that problem. Saunas and steam rooms can give you a home spa. We have never understood why many laundry rooms are only as big as the dryer and washer combo. Working from unused space, our master carpenters can design and build cupboard space, countertop, closets and more storage.



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