Home Remodeling

Your home remodeling will be in the best hands. I am a master builder with 35 years experience of upgrading and updating homes for satisfied clients. We can make your project stand out because specialized carpentry is one of our premier services. We can provide design as well as exceptional construction services. Call us to schedule an appointment. When I come to your home we can discuss your vision and I will bring my builder’s eye to what is possible. Often we can exceed what you thought was possible. You will receive a no-obligation estimate.

During your home remodeling I maintain direct, on-site supervision of all tradespeople. You can be confident in the quality of the work, and in the materials, because I back up our craftsmanship with a one year warranty on both labor and materials. For some people, making a change to their home can be a stressful time. Of course! It is the most significant investment most people have, and you are about to add value to that asset. You will know everything that is happening and about to happen, which takes the anxiety out and lets the excitement in.

When we add or convert space for you, you can count on our attention to detail. We consider this to be precise work. With our precision you get the room addition, finished basement, finished attic or additional bathroom you hope for. We use top products in all of our home remodeling; for example, the finest brands in doors and windows including Andersen, Pella and Marvin. Restyling a bathroom adds priceless comfort and value that can be calculated. If you sell your home, a renovated bath on average returns 75% of your investment. We will be at your side advising on just the right fixtures to transform your bathroom into a much more inviting space.

Remodeling a kitchen is an increasingly popular home remodeling project. We can change the configuration completely or we can work on rejuvenating surfaces in the existing floor plan. Ceramic tile, granite countertops, a deeper sink, and perhaps a kitchen island will turn a room that used to provide utility into a gathering space. We urge you to consider custom kitchen cabinetry, because carpentry is our specialty.

I’ve been working with wood since I was in high school, when I went to work for my Dad’s construction company. I’ve set very high standards for specialty carpentry, such as built-in shelves, cabinetry, entertainment centers and custom kitchen cabinets. Outdoors, we provide decks that are more than wooden boards – they are outdoor living space. Of course, any home remodeling project involves carpentry. My carpenter subcontractors have met my exacting standards so that they can exceed yours.

Our exterior services include garage building, which is one of our essential services. We can design and/or build a free-standing structure, add a garage to the house or add on to an existing attached garage. Porches and glassed-in porches are also featured services.