You want to add a garage to your house. But should you go with an attached or a detached garage?

It’s a question that anyone thinking about adding a garage to his or her home has to consider. Both designs have their pros and cons, so the real question you need to ask yourself is which design is going to be best for your particular situation. Things to consider are: The Shape of Your Lot – This one piece of the puzzle may make your decision an easy one. A long, narrow lot is a natural fit for a detached garage. On the other hand, an attached garage instead might be a better fit for a wider lot that still leaves you a yard for your kids and pets to enjoy when all the building is done. The Main Use of Your New Garage – Is your main goal is to avoid having to trump through rain and snow to get to your vehicle in bad weather? If so, then an attached garage with direct access to your home is the option for you. If you want to set up a shop for woodworking or car rebuilding, then a detached garage can offer more of a sound barrier than one attached directly to the house. If storage space is your goal, attached garages can present safety hazards, especially if you plan to store fuel, paints, stains or other materials with harmful fumes. Storing them in a detached garage means you won’t have to worry about those chemicals leaking into your home.

The Layout of Your Home – Another thing to consider when deciding between a detached or an attached model is the style, age and condition of your current home. Attached models are relatively new in the world of homebuilding. If you’ve got an older or historical home, an attached garage is going to look forced and out of place. The Size of the Project – Think about how large of a building project you want. An attached garage is basically a large home addition. You’ll be adding to your structure, but your builder will be able to utilize pre-existing walls, which will possibly save you money. A detached garage is literally building a structure from scratch, including digging out and pouring a foundation, and then building your new garage from the ground up. It’s a bigger project, but you will have more leeway in designing and building the garage the way you want it.

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