Garage Construction

For garage construction – either a new free-standing structure or as an addition to a home or an existing garage – call us for a free on-site consultation. There is no obligation and everything to gain by tapping into our building expertise.

As you consider the garage you want built, consider some important facts:

    • A 14-foot-wide structure is standard for one car
    • Space for two cars varies with the amount of walking room you prefer
    • A two-and-a-half car garage is increasingly popular for the storage space it provides
    • If you add 28 feet to an existing one car garage, you can have three doors

In our older and historic neighborhoods, free-standing garage construction is popular, sometimes with alley access. The architecture of a garage is not limited to standard exterior siding and a retractable metal door. It can blend with or complement a Victorian or brick home. Many people say that they were glad they did not choose a pre-packaged “kit” builder, but instead took advantage of our custom design and construction expertise. We are accustomed to working from architects’ plans. Even the options in garage doors are architecturally consistent. There are carriage house designs, Tudors, and other wooden doors that open mechanically like most garage doors or swing out in the traditional split opening design.

Your garage construction project may involve an addition to your house, or expansion of an existing attached garage. You have chosen an experienced builder who has been adding-on to houses for decades. We will seamlessly match your current exterior, and will handle the interior remodeling that gives you garage access from your home. Your project can also be an opportunity to develop new useable space. There are some phenomenal garage storage systems that incorporate workbenches, have spots for toys, and lawn or patio equipment as well as adding general space for putting things. Our garage construction carpenters are very accomplished at building and tailoring storage and other features to your project.

Every garage is custom built and never pre-fab. It is tailor-made for the size of your lot and the unique requirements of your home. We have access to all of the trades and subcontractors known for first class workmanship. We know their skills and they know our standards of quality. The framing will be handled by our staff of master carpenters. We will plan and oversee every phase of garage construction:

Getting the site excavated, Concrete Bases and Drainage, Framing and Finishing Carpentry, Windows and Doors, Siding, Roofing, Utilities.

Garage construction adds value to your house, and quality construction increases that value. Ask a realtor and he or she will tell you that it is more difficult to sell a house with a run-down detached garage, a home without a two car attached garage, or with no garage at all. While you enjoy an increase in the convenience and protection of your vehicles, you will also have a home that is worth more. You know that our winter and summer weather can be severe, and so all year around you will be taking advantage of the protection a new garage or expanded garage provides.

We offer garage construction in Cincinnati, Anderson Township, Montgomery, Sycamore Township, Loveland, East Walnut Hills, Hyde Park, Milford, Terrace Park, Kenwood, Indian Hill, and Mariemont.