Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can change everything, or you may choose to update or upgrade by changing décor and select fixtures. We will design it to your specifications and build it to exceed your expectations.

Do you want a total “gut” or a “makeover”?
Have you considered “borrowing” space from a closet or adjacent room?

We can make existing space more workable by moving fixtures.
Consider enclosing a shower or tub in glass.
Some people do away with a tub and choose an enclosed shower.

Updating vanities and sinks is essential to any bathroom remodeling.
Natural tiles and ceramics on walls, floors and bath surrounds are affordable elegance.
Add energy efficiency with a new low-flow toilet, shower head and efficient lighting.

What have you always dreamed of?
Let’s develop possibilities tailored to your space.

Call us for a no-cost, no obligation in-home consultation. We keep on top of the trends and lend a builder’s experienced hand to the choices you make. You have a vision, we bring ideas, and we can provide possibilities that may be new and attractive to you. Together we explore the possibilities and plan space that is not only more convenient, but more luxurious. Naturally, we are delighted to work on a team with your interior designer or architect as well as ours.
We can get creative when adding a bathroom. This room – which used to be for necessity only – can now be a refuge from stress that is spacious and calming. Because this is a room addition that is designed from the ground – up, you can have a separate shower and bath; more than one sink; even a spa tub where you can make the day go away. Luxurious tile, skylights and other luxuries are well within the reach of most budgets.

Bathroom remodeling is surprisingly affordable when you factor in a 70% to 75% return on investment if you sell your home. Of course, you are “collecting” comfort and appreciation every day you are in the refurbished room. We are able to provide top quality workmanship because we have assembled a network of subcontractors and trades who are practiced at meeting our exacting standards. Their reliable, excellent work also enables us to set a cost quote and adhere to it. We are known for the integrity of our pricing.

Specialty carpentry adds custom touches to your bathroom remodeling. We maintain master carpenters who can create vanities, inventive closets, decorative yet functional shelving and many other wood touches that are unique to your design.

Of course, gutting the room may take it out of commission for certain periods, but some people are surprised at how our efficiency and pre-planning make it very manageable. Our goal is to ensure that you have the most necessary fixtures working, or replaced quickly during bathroom remodeling. As an example, if we are upgrading a toilet in an existing space, the switch may take only a couple of hours. You can trust that we will let you know in plenty of time to adjust to your family needs. We find that our client feedback often mentioned not only our design and build expertise, but also how carefully we kept them in the loop during the project.

We recognize that you may have new ideas in the course of the actual construction. Count on us to work with you to incorporate any changes smoothly and cordially. You don’t need attitude, you want action and that’s our approach to changes.

“You can count on our honest, reasonable pricing and our reputation for quality built over 34 years in the home remodeling business. We honed our quality on custom built homes and now specialize in renovation and refurbishing homes”.